FAQs – scoobydoobydo.com


Here are a few frequently asked questions, to provide you all some basic queries that you might have. To provide you with an amazing buying experience, we keenly look forward to your valuable feedback.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from our partnered manufacturers based in China. Before partnering we do conduct our basic due diligence to ensure quality and reliability. Expect your products to be shipped separately (if you order different products) as different manufacturers specialise in their respective products and merchandise.

How long does it take for my product to be delivered?

It usually takes anywhere between 20 to 30 working days for any order to be delivered.

How long does it take to receive the tracking order?

It usually takes anywhere between 2 to 6 working days to generate tracking order.

Where do I place the order from?

You can order from any part of the world. We do ship worldwide.

Is shipping really free?

Yes, shipping is free. For a few products there might be shipping charges which would be notified to you, while you check out. Nothing remains hidden from you.

Where is your company located?

We are based out of New Delhi, India.

Which currency will I be charged?

We process all our orders in USD.

Will I receive a confirmation number, once I place the order?

Yes, all our customers receive an order number, post they place an order. Please contact us at support@soobydoobydo.com, if you do not receive the order number within 24 hours.

Who can I contact, if I have a problem with my order?

Please write us at support@scoobydoobydo.com. Our turn around time is 24 hours maximum.

How can I pay?

We can pay through PayPal.

Is the checkout on the site secure?

You can be absolutely be at peace that all your transactions on www.scoobydoobydo.com is safe and secure.

If I enter my personal information like email address, telephone number, would you sell my information?

We DO NOT sell our customer information. We do use the same information for sending you promotional emails, new offers, or discount coupons.

Will I have to pay custom duties?

For most nations you need not have to pay customs, but it depends where are you located and if you order more than one piece.